Just a Spoonful of Whimsy

February 3rd, 2015 by Karen Pan | Comment

With so many couples getting ready to say “I Do” this upcoming wedding season, we thought we’d visit a topic often overlooked: adding whimsy to your wedding style. Whimsy simply means fun. A small dose of playfulness to your wedding will bring smiles to your guests and leave that ever-lasting impression. It can be a fun poem read during the ceremony, a surprise dance at the reception or a taco truck for a late night snack. These whimsical details should be something that makes you smile as a couple and capture who you are. Do you share a special pet? Do you love board games? Are you foodies? In fact, food offers easy and great ways where you can add some whimsy to your wedding. Here are some fun ideas:

Pictures of churros courtesy of 100 Layer Cake, picture of boba drinks from Meg Perotti Photography in collaboration with New Sunrise Events, pictures of flower popsicles from Marla Meridith, picture of milk and cookies from Wedding Chicks


Honoring Family Members

November 20th, 2012 by Karen Pan | Comment

In this season of thanksgiving, we thought what better topic than honoring family members at your wedding. Weddings are a great time to honor those closest to you, either a special family member that will be attending the wedding or someone that you have lost. We’ve seen brides walk down the aisle to a symbolic song to play tribute to that person. Or you might have a special piece of fabric that your mother or grandmother wore on her wedding day that you can sew it into your own gown or attach to your bouquet. We’ve also seen couples light a candle or dedicate flowers to those who couldn’t be present. Whatever it may be, it might not be known by others but it will be close to your heart on that special day and that’s all that matters.


Eco-Chic Favors

September 11th, 2012 by Karen Pan | Comment

Take away favors at your wedding express your appreciation and gives your guests a special memento of your celebration. However, traditional knick-knacks like plastic statuettes often get thrown away or retired to a shelf to collect dust. Instead of these typically wasteful options, here are some eco-chic favors that will say “thanks”, help the planet and be put to good use.

#eco-friendly napkins, #creative wedding favors

These customized napkin favors not only help reduce waste but also makes your dinner table look fashionable. Visit Nicole Porter Design for more designs.

Potted succulents are super easy to care for and go well in any home. They also come in many varieties that make it fun for your guests to pick out their favorite.

#eco-friendly wedding favors, #fox coffee cup holder, #fox wedding favors, #coffee cup holder wedding favor

These coffee cup sleeves will keep your coffee warm and stylish.  Visit Riley Construction or create your own design with instructions from the Crafty Staci blog.

#eco-friendly coasters, #paint chip coasters, #DIY coasters

What better way to go green than to recycle?  Just go to your local hardware store and pick up your favorite paint samples to design your custom coasters.  Visit the Crafty CPA blog for how-to instructions.

And what about donating to your favorite charity. Add an extra green touch with these beautiful letterpress donation cards from Bella Figura, a 100% green print shop. All of these favors will surely leave a lasting impression!

Article courtesy of Lorraine Lee

Ten Tips for Toasting

June 12th, 2012 by Karen Pan | Comment

Being asked to make a toast at a wedding can be a great honor but also a difficult task. After seeing so many toasts, those that have had some preparation definitely stand out and make a lasting impression. Here are some great tips for toasting from Southern Weddings Magazine for your next big moment.

Sugared Fruit Centerpieces

May 14th, 2012 by Karen Pan | Comment

With summer just around the corner, what better way to celebrate the season than with sugared fruit centerpieces at your wedding. You can sugar just about any fruit from lemons, strawberries, cherries, apricots and pears. All you need is to beat up some egg white and coat the fruit either half or completely. Then roll the fruit in course white sugar and leave on a bed of sugar to dry. They will definitely add that touch of sweetness and sparkle to your wedding.

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart Wedding and Southern Weddings.

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