Introducing Lorraine Lee

August 17th, 2012 by Karen Pan | Comment

We would like to introduce to the newest member to our team, Lorraine Lee! As we grow here at New Sunrise Events we are exhilarated to bring on such an enthusiastic, creative and talented lady who’s passionate about weddings. We’ve asked her to share a few words and memories from her own wedding last year. Please give a warm welcome to Lorraine!


Wedding Trend: The Ombre Effect

July 30th, 2012 by Karen Pan | Comment

The ombre effect has been hitting the wedding scene by storm and is now one of the hottest trends. Ombre is french for shaded and the effect refers to the romantic watercolor look when soft, pale hues gradually progress into full, vibrant shades.  If you envision having a very chic and whimsy wedding, this multicolor gradient look is a perfect addition to your decor. It can be incorporated in just about any part of your wedding from the bridesmaids dresses to the centerpieces. Here are some great ideas to inspire your own ombre effect!

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Ombre Rose Petals photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings, Ombre Invitation photo from Paper Freckles,  Ombre Cake photos from Henry Photography, Ombre Centerpiece photo from Ruffled, DIY Ombre Color Wheel photo from Ruffled

Article courtesy of Lorraine Lee

Summer Wedding Lawn Games

July 3rd, 2012 by Karen Pan | Comment

With summer in full bloom, what better way to take advantage of the amazing Californian weather than to have lawn games at your wedding. Some game ideas include mini golf, horseshoes, bocci ball or even badminton. They are a great way to help your guests let their hair down, get to know one another and keep entertained during cocktail hour while you are getting your photos. They also make great photo ops with adorable signage and vintage game sets. Have fun!

Mini Golf photo courtesy of Rachel Thurston Photography, Horseshoe photo from Beulah Photographer, Bocci Ball photo from the, Badminton photo from Dan O’Day Photography

Ten Tips for Toasting

June 12th, 2012 by Karen Pan | Comment

Being asked to make a toast at a wedding can be a great honor but also a difficult task. After seeing so many toasts, those that have had some preparation definitely stand out and make a lasting impression. Here are some great tips for toasting from Southern Weddings Magazine for your next big moment.

Sugared Fruit Centerpieces

May 14th, 2012 by Karen Pan | Comment

With summer just around the corner, what better way to celebrate the season than with sugared fruit centerpieces at your wedding. You can sugar just about any fruit from lemons, strawberries, cherries, apricots and pears. All you need is to beat up some egg white and coat the fruit either half or completely. Then roll the fruit in course white sugar and leave on a bed of sugar to dry. They will definitely add that touch of sweetness and sparkle to your wedding.

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart Wedding and Southern Weddings.

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